The Corporate State vs. Freedom

THE POLITICAL SYSTEM most compatible with corporate capitalism is Fascism — and if a capitalist system isn’t openly fascist to begin with, to open Fascism it inevitably degenerates.  Capitalist governments usually maintain a facade of “democracy” to fool their deeply brainwashed populations, but they are always ruled by a fascist plutocracy behind the scenes.

The only political system which supports genuine freedom is libertarian socialism.

Here is the technical definition of libertarian socialism from Wikipedia:

“Libertarian socialism [a.k.a. anarchism, socialist libertarianism and left-libertarianism] is a group of anti-authoritarian political philosophies inside the socialist movement that rejects socialism as centralized state ownership and control of the economy.

“Libertarian socialism also rejects the state itself…and criticizes wage labour relationships within the workplace, instead emphasizing workers’ self-management of the workplace and decentralized structures of political organization.

“It asserts that a society based on freedom and justice can be achieved through abolishing authoritarian institutions that control certain means of production and subordinate the majority to an owning class or political and economic elite.

“Libertarian socialists advocate for decentralized structures based on direct democracy and federal or confederal associations such as libertarian municipalism, citizens’ assemblies, trade unions, and workers’ councils.

“All of this is generally done within a general call for libertarian and voluntary human relationships through the identification, criticism, and practical dismantling of illegitimate authority in all aspects of human life.”

“They propose that this economic system be executed in a manner that attempts to maximize the liberty of individuals [libertarianism] and minimize concentration of power or authority [fascism, corporate capitalism, religion, communism].”

(End of Wikipedia excerpt; emphases added)

. . .

Originally, in nineteenth-century Europe, the words “libertarianism” and “socialism” were synonymous.  Today, most people associate the word “libertarian” with the naively capitalist version of semi-libertarianism that arose in the twentieth-century U.S.  “Libertarian socialism”, as a single term, has the same meaning as classical “anarchism”, which means, simply, “no rulers”.  

True libertarian socialism, or anarchism, is clearly a political ideal.  It requires a very conscious, spiritually evolved majority population to make it work.  Unfortunately, such a majority does not exist at this bestial stage of human evolution.  History has demonstrated that it is not yet possible to implement libertarian socialism on a national or regional scale, nor even on a municipal scale for long.   No majority populations are sufficiently conscious, rational and moral to make it happen and keep it alive.  And even if there were such populations they would quickly be destroyed from the outside by the war-criminal militaries of plutocratic nations and the terrorist thugs of tyrannical religious and political groups which know that liberated people will put an end to their diabolical rule.

In the twentieth century, Marxist materialists pretended to attempt an intermediate evolutionary step: forcing their semi-socialist, corrupted “communism” upon unevolved populations via dictatorial hierarchies.  But the various Bolshevist, Stalinist and Maoist ruling classes were nothing more than murderous opportunists, exploiting the political prestige of the socialist ideal to seize power for themselves.  They succeeded only in replacing an old form of genocidal tyranny with their own.

Even without these historical demonstrations of futility, however, it should be self-evident that you cannot force people to be free.  Humanity will have to liberate itself organically, from the ground up, forming natural, voluntary collectives comprised of free individuals taking responsibility for their own liberation of consciousness — or it will never happen at all.

Human liberation will be the inevitable result of human awakening and evolution, and of these only.  It will never be granted by any political hierarchy, nor achieved by any unconscious, egocentric population.

~  ~  ~

“The mistake of the Marxists is that they don’t see that the life of humanity moves through growth of consciousness and not economic causes.”

~ Leo Tolstoy