Gotcha Where We Want You – Divide and Rule

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book: “divide and conquer”, or “divide and rule”.  The Roman Empire used it, the British Empire used it, and the American Empire uses it to this day. 

In this 46-minute video David Icke explains in detail how today’s “identity politics” is its latest incarnation, a tool of the globalist plutocracy to divide and conquer the world’s people…

So “divide and conquer” is one of the most effective methods of control for the international, globalist plutocracy.  But just who are these people?

Well, since they foment division, hatred, fear, chaos, endless war and even genocide, it certainly would be appropriate to describe them as totally ruthless, evil and even satanic — whether you believe in any religion or not.

The following two videos explore this subject at length:

And after all that horror, there’s a need for something positive and hopeful: